What are you selling? Credit card dumps are sold (with track 1 or track 2 information, PIN, and CC with CVV or other information).

How do I register?

Registering is not necessary. You are more secure if there is no account in a shop.

What can I do to buy from you without an account? Will you be able to recognize me?

After payment, you will be provided with a unique download link. You will also receive an email link.

What is the best way to pay?

Only Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is the future.

How can I send money to you for dumps/CVV if your bitcoin address is not correct?

At checkout, you will see your Bitcoin address.

Is it possible to withdraw all the balance on each card (I purchased a dump pack)?

It all depends on the country, ATM, or bank. It is better to start cashing out with $600-900.

What is a credit card dump?

A dump is encrypted data that contains information about the card. It is found on the back of each bank card (magnetic strips). This information is required to work the cardholder account. A dump is usually three tracks. The first two tracks are the most important if you’re dealing with debit or credit cards (tracks 1 and 2). The third track is essential for the interest-bearing account.

What is a PIN?

The 4-digit PIN code is unique. So the cardholder only knows it. Without a PIN, dump is ineffective as you wouldn’t be able to cash out the money.

What is the best way to get dumps or a PIN?

Dumps can be read from the cards used by their owners at the ATM or POS equipped to skimming devices.

How can I find out the balance of my card?

After purchase, we will send you a guide.

I have a card and hardware. Can I purchase a dump or a PIN?

Yes, you can. You can. We will only sell dumps to one individual. So you will never have to worry about money disappearing from your account. The only way to get your money is for the cardholder to cash it out. They don’t usually suspect that their card information is known to anyone else, so it’s safe.

What is the best way to return a defective item?

Yes. We can refund you. Contact us via Wickr.

Are your dumps able to get me cash at the ATM?

Yes, you can. It depends on where you live. 99 percent of countries work perfectly.

What is BIN?

BIN is a bank identification code.

The issuer identification number (IIN) is the first six digits of any card number, including the initial MII number.

These numbers identify the card-issuing organization that issued the card to the cardholder.

The card issuer will allocate the rest of the number.

Examples: 314705; 501301; 602008

Would you be able to recommend good bins for me?

I’d be glad to help, but I only sell dumps and never use them.